Alex Jones Custody Case Attorney and Therapist in Austin Were Working on a Case That Ended with the Murder-Suicide of a Nine Year Old

On December 11, 2017, an unthinkable tragedy occurred in Austin, TX. Nine-year-old Lielle Kaplan was found dead, an apparent victim of a homicide at the hands of her father, Yariv Kaplan, who then apparently committed suicide.

The bodies were found when the police were prompted to make a welfare check to the home. Notably, they were not alerted to the sounds of gunshots or any other indication that violence had occurred at the home, so they were not prepared for the scene they encountered. Whoever called the police knew that something dangerous had occurred but did not share that information.

Prior to this tragic incident, Yariv Kaplan had been engaged in a very high-conflict custody battle while going through a divorce. The case was supposed to be heard in January.

Yariv Kaplan was represented in his custody and divorce case by Attorney Jake Gilbreath. Dr. Susan McMillan was a therapist on the case.

As Alex Jones’ ex-wife, I have had encounters with both of these individuals, and it is with my experience and the experience of many others who have come forward with their stories in mind that I call upon the authorities at the Travis County Sheriff’s Department and the FBI to investigate the Travis County court system, Jake Gilbreath, and Dr. Susan McMillan.

In my case, Gilbreath committed many bad actions. He failed to disclose that he was working with opposing counsel. He entered a decree on my behalf without my knowledge or consent and then did not share with me information that would have allowed me to appeal that decree. Others have shared that he bragged to fellow attorneys about not being prepared for my case. Then he refused to relinquish my own legal file without a subpoena.

Since I began speaking to others and sharing my experience, several people have come forward to share with me their own stories involving Gilbreath’s representation and the ways that he has failed them. Repeatedly, Gilbreath has demonstrated that his loyalties lie only to himself and his wallet. He dismisses the real human beings he is supposed to represent.

This group of people is ready and available to share what they know. Together, our experiences point to a systemic pattern of bad acts that goes beyond an individual misstep or lack of preparedness.

I caution anyone against retaining Jake Gilbreath for legal representation. It is my hope that any judge currently presiding over a case in which Jake Gilbreath and Dr. McMillan are involved will take serious note of my statement and examine the events of the case carefully.

I am available to testify in any custody case. I am more than willing to share my experiences with Jake Gilbreath and Dr. Susan McMillan so that those in the future can be spared the ordeal that I and so many others have endured.

My heart breaks for Lielle Kaplan’s mother, and I cannot imagine the pain and suffering she must be feeling over the loss of her little girl. Please visit this GoFundMe page to donate to a fund dedicated to returning Lielle Kaplan’s body to her homeland of Israel for burial.

This family’s tragedy was set into motion when they entered Travis County Court, a place where corruption runs rampant and the repeated outcries of the public go unheeded. A full investigation of the practices taking place in Travis County is necessary and urgent.

If authorities had taken seriously the requests of many parents who have come forward against Jake Gilbreath and Dr. Susan McMillan, this tragedy may have been prevented. Now is the time to stand up against the corruption in Travis County. Now is the time to insist that these individuals are fully investigated and that the pattern of their behavior is fully revealed.