Legal Appeal in Alex Jones Case Reveals Failure of Family Court Systems

The family court system was designed with one basic and guiding fundamental principle and goal: “They were created to resolve family issues in a fair manner, one in which the rights of each family member are held to be important.” That is how the site worded it. That site also accurately continued to say…

“In fact, in cases of abuse, judges set out to protect all family members from the abuser…”

The family court system is failing.

In the case involving Kelly Jones and her ex husband Alex Jones, that failure was blatantly obvious. What makes this case so damming is that despite these evident failures to uphold justice, nothing has been done to amend the situation despite repeated efforts. Alex Jones ex was even forced to take her case into her own hands, make her voice heard and become proactive.

Case Summary

The divorce and subsequent Suit Affecting Parent-Child Relationship (filed by Alex Jones) proceedings were a lengthy battle in excess of three years.  The costly, purposefully  (just one of the many shortcomings of the system!) and this isn’t that uncommon when these circumstances become heated. In the Jones’ case, there were children involved, serious allegation in the mix and some unusual outside circumstances.

When the dust had settled and the court rendered its verdict, Kelly was deemed the Primary Parent to the Jones’ three children. It is worth noting here that it was due to the “emotional abuse” Kelly endured, that she granted role as Primary Parent. April 28, 2017 – that was the date the court declared a judgment in this case.

If the system had worked, this would be the end of the story. For Kelly, who is still without her children, it was the beginning of a whole new fight. To say that the Jones’ case was a rare situation still wouldn’t make the situation acceptable. What is nearly unfathomable is that cases like these are far too common.

The Problem

So what has happened exactly, how has the system failed and what part has Alex Jones and others played in this travesty of justice? If you have ever heard the story of “the little boy who cried wolf,” just imagine if it was the Wolf himself who cried “wolf!” That is, in essence, what has happened.

Alex Jones has used high-powered attorney’s to submit appeals, requests for post-verdict orders and even orders to restrain Kelly’s right to free speech. Here is potentially one of the most ironic turns of the case, the very individual that evidence suggested was guilty of verbal abuse, is filing restrictions to keep her quiet.

Insult to Injury

The emotional, physical and financial suffering of divorce cases, especially where children are involved, is difficult enough. Alex Jones took it a step farther and didn’t stop there. In fact, another abuse of his power and money has come by way of forced therapeutic services, again empowered by false allegations and ridiculous legal filings. Just for the sake of clarity, it is only Kelly (the victim of the abuse) who is required to seek therapy – not Alex Jones.

The expenses of these sessions, the insult of only requiring Kelly Jones to seek these services and the unbelievable free speech injunctions being supported by the court system – and she isn’t alone. As mentioned earlier, this isn’t an uncommon problem or a new one either as one article reported…

It’s called “legal abuse syndrome”, and it can strike crime victims, litigants, attorneys, and anyone who has dealt with the family court system.

Kelly Jones has taken up arms against this awful lack in justice and is taking steps toward bringing this failed arm of the judicial system to light.

National Impact

The impact of this case is aimed at the heart of our civil rights. Her civil rights appeal will address freedom of speech, unconstitutional forced treatment and excessive payment to court officials. With the right people, the right team and the right attorney, Alex Jones’ ex is determined and dedicated to bringing attention to a broken and corrupt system and defend her civil rights.

These issues won’t ever get better until we do something and Kelly has more than just something in mind. Her fight is our fight and the fight of anyone who has ever had family, this is about all of us and Kelly Jones just so happens to be leading the way.