PRESS RELEASE: Ex-Wife Suing Alex Jones for Defamation of Character, Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress and Blocking Child Custody

PRESS RELEASE:  Ex-Wife Suing Alex Jones for Defamation of Character, Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress and Blocking Child Custody

Ex-Wife Suing Alex Jones for Defamation of Character, Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress and Blocking Child Custody
Suit was filed during custody case, severed by biased judge, Kelly Jones is pro se (representing herself due to depleted finances)

Austin, Texas, March 20, 2018 Kelly Jones’ recent success in getting YouTube to remove a defamatory and endangering video highlights key points in her defamation/IIED tort filed within the 2017 child custody case. Kelly’s tort addresses Alex Jones’ purposeful, cruel and unlawful blocking of child custody.

Key facts include that Alex Jones engaged in a constant and sometimes criminal course of conduct to block custody from Kelly by using admitted perjured experts. He also engaged in purposeful character assassination of Kelly, both to her community and to the Jones’ young children, by refusing to provide the children necessary medical care and by undertaking ongoing, tortuous vexatious litigation.

Key points of defamation, including defamation undertaken by Alex Jones’ counsel, Randall and Alison Wilhite, are the deliberate misrepresentation of the facts and history of the case, using the presence of “Super Lawyers” to add weight to defamatory statements and broadcasts, untrue and harmful HIPAA violations, Court Order violations that endanger Kelly and her children, purposeful ongoing emotional abuse, negligence and abandonment of the Jones children and abusively vexatious litigation.

Kelly Jones filed the defamation/IIED case during the Jones custody case. After years of having little time with her kids, Kelly Jones prevailed in the culmination of the 2017 jury trial case, with a 10-2 decision appointing Kelly as primary parent.

Despite Kelly having timely met the punitive and excessive demands filed by Alex Jones’ counsel on tort issues during the pendency of the custody case, Judge Orlinda Naranjo severed the tort claim from the child custody case.

Kelly exhausted almost all of her liquid assets (from her highly disproportionate settlement) on the jury trial. She is now representing herself pro se in the tort case on file in Travis County. Kelly has made a public request for a Texas/federal tort attorney to take her case.

Says Kelly Jones, “The defamation lawsuit recently filed against my ex-husband Alex Jones for Charlottesville-related fake news conspiracy theories illustrates how my ex-husband has, on multiple occasions, purposely defamed others while inflicting tremendous emotional distress. From Sandy Hook to Aurora to Charlottesville, Alex Jones has grotesquely turned people’s grief into profit by proliferating fake conspiracy theories. He has said that little elementary school children killed in a mass shooting didn’t die. The parents of these tragic child victims are frequently harassed by Alex’s audience.

“My defamation claim illustrates how Alex similarly inflicted emotional distress and defamed me during our custody case. My young children were taken from me due to lies, while Alex Jones and his counsel laughed at me and mocked me in Court. I lost irreplaceable time with my children.

“Court experts, who made hundreds of thousands of dollars, used my ex-husband’s obvious course of intentional character assassination and defamation to take my children from me. They did this, stating that CPS would never have done the same. They are repeat bad actors and are currently under investigation by the Texas Attorney General.

“My youngest was six when she was taken, and Alex engaged in an obvious and disturbing course of emotional abuse, including brainwashing my children through the well-known tactic of parental alienation and denying my children prescribed medical treatment for potentially life-threatening disease and broken bones.

“During my time of little and sometimes no access to my children, I was cruelly mocked by Alex Jones and his attorneys, who filed litigation incessantly against me.

“Alex denied most of the few phone calls I was granted, which, during some months, was the only access I would have to my children. He encouraged the children to lie about me and to fear me, proof of which came out significantly during the jury trial.

“During our marriage, Alex represented himself as a Constitutionalist, concerned about Family Court corruption and Family Court judges. When I spoke up about my Constitutional rights, he gas-lit me and said I was mentally ill.

“My life was deliberately ruined by my ex, Alex Jones, and I have a very strong case on file. I am making a national call for a large firm to please take my case on a contingency basis. This case can be an impact case. By raising awareness of my tort claim and of how corrupt experts and greedy lawyers encouraged my ex-husband’s abusive and defamatory rage, we can raise awareness of nationwide problems in Family Court that must be addressed.”

Kelly Jones is an outspoken Family Court justice activist who won a jury trial to be primary parent in 2017. She speaks out on Family Court corruption, pointing to Alex Jones’ vexatious litigation and the coordinated aggravated perjury of multiple experts that led to her unlawful loss of her children as an indication that America desperately needs Family Court reform. Kelly Jones has a strong civil rights/free speech appeal on file with the First Texas Court of Appeals. She is suing Alex Jones for defamation and intentional infliction of emotional distress.