“Privacy Advocate” Alex Jones Monitors, Records His Ex-Wife

“Privacy Advocate” Alex Jones Monitors, Records His Ex-Wife

It takes just a few minutes of browsing Alex Jones’ media presence to see he proclaims himself to be an adamant opponent of surveillance, spying, and intrusions into personal privacy.  Alex has repeatedly denounced the aggressions of “Big Brother” into our personal lives, and insists he does so “fighting for freedom & liberty” according to his Twitter handle. Just typing “big brother” into the InfoWars search engine delivers an unreadable amount of content.

The truth is, while Alex likes to act publicly like he is bravely defending us against the tyrannical surveillance state, upholding our rights to privacy, safety, and personal liberty, he is also engaging in his own private campaign of spying, surveillance, and psychological tyranny against me and my children.

I couple of months ago, my boyfriend noticed something odd across the street from my house.  It was a pipe that couldn’t have been in use for anything:  he was leaving my gate, when he saw sunlight reflect off of what he would discover to be the lens of a 3G camera.

This was no simple machine nor was it haphazardly placed:  it was a top-dollar 3G camera. capable of transmitting remotely.  The camera was trained on my gate in a way that it could see inside when the gate was open.

When I downloaded the images from the memory card, I was greeted with the creepy image of a scowling private investigator dressed in a construction worker costume and hundreds of images of my property. I reported this to the Hays County Sheriff Dept. who, remarkably, released the camera back to the private investigator who came forward to claim in.  I pointed out to the Sheriff that I had been recently followed by a PI and that Alex was recording my car and engaging in other surveillance-type activities against me.

The PI has acknowledged that he was, indeed, monitoring my home: what is apparent to me is that Alex had taken yet another step in his mission to harass, intimidate, and most importantly, threaten me.

Alex has done a poor job concealing the obvious fact that he has me constantly followed and monitored.  Worse, he interrogates my children about every detail of their time with me, and even likes to coerce them into showing him around my home via apps like FaceTime.  Once he pulled my daughter out of school to record a tangle in her hair during my Court-Ordered time.  When he calls on facetime (which I ask him not to do), I can hear him barraging my daughters with questions about what they are doing.  He often asks my youngest daughter if I have fed her.

I have never had my mothering abilities nor the basic care of the children in any way seen by anyone to be lacking.  The concept that I would not feed my child is foreign to me, an absurdity.  I am the Mom who made smiley-faced apples for my kids in their Bento box lunches.

Alex’s behavior is disturbing to me and incredibly destructive to our children. What exactly is a young child to think when their parent forces them to play pawns in an elaborate stalking and harassment campaign?  IThere are few better ways to attack someone’s feelings of security than by keeping tabs on them 24/7.

Alex markets himself on a Free Speech platform decrying surveillance, spying, and government intrusion while monitoring me and recording me.

What kind of person is willing to destroy another’s privacy, safety, and security through stalking, harassment, and intimidation by third parties while selling the world your mission is to fight  Big Brother: It’s hard to take the pot seriously when it calls the kettle black.