The #MeFamilyCourtToo Campaign to Expose Family Court Gaslighting Abuse Victims and Their Children

According to research, “the extent of real abuse suffered by children and their mothers has been largely ignored, dismissed, or greatly minimized by family courts.”

But even more egregious is – in many cases where domestic abuse is present – abuse suffered by these women and children continues during and even after the divorce. But not just at the hands of the abuser.

These victims are revictimized by the court system because of a blatant disregard to pleas for help.

And that’s why I am reaching out to everyone across America who has experienced this travesty to help explode the #mefamilycourttoo hashtag on the World Wide Web.

Domestic abuse is pervasive and endemic in this country.

Corrupt experts and a broken system create a playground for abusive and divorcing spouses to gaslight their victims.

Expose This Miscarriage of Justice

Please help me bring awareness to these travesties in the American Family Court System. Spread the word to promote awareness and support for other victims by using the #mefamilycourttoo hashtag. Together, we can make a difference.